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Organic Skin Brightening Set - Get Visibly Fair Skin. Removes Blemishes, Pigmentation & Spots

Organic Skin Brightening Set - Get Visibly Fair Skin. Removes Blemishes, Pigmentation & Spots

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  • This Organic Skin Brightening Set includes:
    1 Saffron Face Wash (60 ml/2.1 fl oz)
    1 Sandalwood  Face Pack
     (120 gms/ 4.3 oz);
    2 Sandal Soap (75 gms/2.7 oz);
    1 Fairness Cream ( 30 gms / 1.1 oz);
    1 SPF 50 (110 ml/ 4 fl oz);
    1 Papaya Fairness Scrub gel (110 gms / 4 oz);
    1 Skin Brightening Lotion (110 gms / 4 oz);
    1 Under Eye Cream (30 gms / 1.1 oz);
    1 All Purpose Cream (150 gms/ 5.3 oz);
    1 Strawberry Lip Balm (10 gms / 0.4 oz);
    1 Rose Water (250 ml).
    For a complete skin care regime. It has skin friendly products. This set is suitable for normal to combination skin types.  Note: Products in the set are subject to availability. 
    Ingredients : Orange Seed Oil (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis),  ,Shea Butter, Cucumber Extract (Cucumis Sativus), Turmeric Extract, Finely Crushed Walnut Scrub (Juglans Regia), Steam Distilled Papaya Extract (Carica Papaya Fruit Extract), Steam Distilled Almond Extract (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil), Manjistha Extract (Rubia Cordifolia), Steam Distilled Strawberry Extract (Fragaria Vesca Fruit Extract), Strawberry Essential Oil (Fragaria Vesca Fruit Oil), Turmeric Extract (Curcuma Longa), Steam Distilled Almond Oil (PrunusAmygdalus Dulcis), Steam Distilled Lavender Extract (Lavandula Angustifolia), Saffron Extract (Crocus Sativus),  Manjistha Extract (Rubia Cordifolia), Steam Distilled Papaya Extract (Carica Papaya Fruit Extract), Steam Distilled Mandarin Extract, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Aloe Vera Extract ( Aloe Vera Callus Extract), Honey (Mel Extract),  DM Water (Aqua)

  • This skin care set comprises of the following 

    Organic Saffron Face Wash (60 ml/2.1 fl oz)

    An innovative after-sun-care herbal formulation, this face-wash fights and reverses the UV damage to the skin, while leaving it feeling cool and refreshed. Anti-oxidants, Saffron and Sandal, further soothe the exposed skin, as well as miraculously fade away sun-tan and pigmentation, granting you a fairer and smoother complexion.

    Sandal Soap (75 gms/2.7 oz)

    A time-tested combination, of Chandan, Kesar & Haldi; this soap is your route to a fair & flawless complexion. The three herbs work synergistically to lighten the complexion, and effectively fade away sun-tan and blemishes; granting you a fair, smooth & even skin tone.

    Papaya Fairness Scrub Gel (110 gms / 4 oz)

    For a smooth & flawless complexion. This scrub is the perfect combination to clear and smoothen the texture; whille removing the tan and lightening & brightening the skin tone. It will make you love the way your skin looks and feels.

    Skin Brightening Lotion (110 ml/ 4 fl oz)

    This dual-action formulation effectively lightens your skin tone while deep-moisturizing it. The presence of Vitamin-C-rich Mandarins externally lightens the complexion. On the other hand, the Silk Extract works from the inside, by controlling the production of skin-darkening pigment, melanin. Together they grant you a softer, smoother & fairer complexion.

    Strawberry Lip Balm (10 gms / 0.4 oz)

    Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Strawberry & Honey contains strawberry extracts, Vitamin-E, Honey and Almond Oil.

    Organic Under Eye Cream (30 gms /1.1 oz)

    A super-rich formula for your under-eye skin; its regular use keeps your eyes and the surrounding skin looking young & lively. The age-old goodness of Cucumber, Almonds & Pink Rose, works from within to lighten the dark skin (circles) under the eyes, and to reduce puffiness. Their anti-oxidant content smoothes wrinkles, reducing years off your eyes!

    Organic Fairness Cream  ( 30 gms / 1.1 oz)

    A time-tested combination of Saffron & Turmeric has been enriched with the age-old goodness of Aloe Vera, to give you a fair & flawless complexion! Together they penetrate your skin to control the production & uneven distribution of melanin, and deep moisturize it. Marks & blemishes lighten; and your face is left supple, perfectly smooth & flawlessly fair!

    Organic Sandalwood  Face Pack (120 gms/ 4.3 oz)

    Scientifically made skin brightening treatment that also reduces skin blemishes and removes skin pigmentation marks.

    Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 (110 ml/ 4 fl oz)

    This innovative formulation using Aloe Vera is an excellent sun shield that is non greasy and lasts long. Its components being natural sunscreens protect the skin from harmful UV rays and act as a safeguard from sun burns. This lotion also soothes burnt skin and rashes due to over exposure to the sun; revealing a rejuvenated and healthier skin.

    Organic Rose Water (250 ml/ 8.5 fl oz)

    This natural and deeply cleansing Rose Mist or Water revives and hydrates skin without any stickiness. It calms tired skin and reduces redness, itchiness and inflammation caused due to over exposure to sun and pollution. It also repairs skin damage due to daily application of makeup and removes all dirt and impurities.

    Organic All Purpose Cream (150 gms/ 5.3 oz)

    An excellent, all-day skin nourishment cream; which reduces pigmentation marks and improves skin complexion.

  • Saffron Face Wash :- Before You Apply Sun Block Cream/Lotion, Wash Face With This Anti-Tan Gel. Squeeze Out A Small Quantity. Apply On The Face And Workout Lather. Rinse Off, Pat Dry.

    Sandalwood Face Pack :- Apply A Generous Amount Of This Pack On Face And Neck, Avoiding Eyes. Relax Till Completely Dry. Rinse With Fresh Water. Follow With Vaadi Herbals Sun Shield Sunscreen Cream.

    Under Eye Cream :- Apply Daily Under The Eye In The Morning And Before Going To Bed. Avoid Sun Exposure After Using The Cream For Long Or Make Sure To Use SPF Before You Go Into The Sun.

    Fairness Cream :- Wash Face Thouroughly With Vaadi Saffron Face Wash. Apply Cream All Over The Face & Neck And Top It With Sun Shield Lotion/Gel. Should Be Used Regularly For Atleast 15 Days For Results.

    Divine Sandal Soap :- Take Soap And Lather In The Hands. Apply The Lather To The Entire Body, Gently Massage And Enjoy The Pure Delight Of Our Herbal

    Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 :- Apply Liberally And Evenly On Face And Exposed Parts Of Body (Neck, Arms, Legs Etc.) Before Exposure To Sun.

    Papaya Fairness Scrub Gel :- Apply Over Wet Face. Gently Massage In Circular Movement For 5 To 7 Minutes. Wipe Off With Damp Cotton.

    Organic Skin Brightening Lotion :- Cleanse Skin Thoroughly. Apply All Over The Face, Arms And Neck In The Morning And At Night. Makes A Perfect Make-Up Base.

    Organic All Purpose Cream :- Cleanse Face. Take Generous Quantity. Gently Massage In Upward Direction. Can Be Used At Any Time Of The Day. For Best Results Use Before Going To Bed At Night. Avoid Sun Exposure For Long Or Make Sure To Use SPF Before You Go Into The Sun.

    Strawberry Lip Balm :- Clean Lip Gently And Use Your Fingers To Apply The Lip Balm To Your Lips.

    Rose Water :-Spray on face and body and evenly spread it all over or spray twice on cotton swab and swipe it across your face

Organic Skin Brightening Set - Get Visibly Fair Skin. Removes Blemishes, Pigmentation & Spots
R 651 R 521 20 % off Share

Organic Skin Brightening Set - Get Visibly Fair Skin. Removes Blemishes, Pigmentation & Spots

Organic Skin Brightening Set - Get Visibly Fair Skin. Removes Blemishes, Pigmentation & Spots
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