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Organic Neem Soap with Pure Neem Leaves - Detoxifies Skin - Prevents Skin Breakouts (75 gms / 2.7 oz)

Organic Neem Soap with Pure Neem Leaves - Detoxifies Skin - Prevents Skin Breakouts (75 gms / 2.7 oz)

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This unique premium herbal soap is prepared with pure Neem Leaves. This formulation gently, yet effectively detoxifies even the deeper layers of your skin. Its anti-bacterial nature kills all the germs and bacteria making your skin young and healthy


Neem Leaves: No less than a miracle for The Skin

A skin product containing Neem can never be underestimated. One solution to battle all the skin odds is Neem. Azadirachta indica or Neem tree is found in India and many parts of Southeast Asia. Neem is an evergreen tree and is often called the 'pharmacy of villages' in praise of its medicinal properties. Be it a pimple or a disease as severe as chicken pox, Neem cures all. A soap enriched with the goodness of Neem leaves helps in making the skin flawless and beautiful, day after day.

BENEFIT of Neem leaves:

Natural Healing Properties: Neem Leaves have excellent healing properties when it comes to skin disorders. It’s excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property cures the redness and itchiness caused on skin by Acne or Pimples. Scars and blemishes fade away as Neem makes the skin visibly clearer and prevents further breakouts. Moisturizing Properties: Neem Leaves are rich in Vitamin-E, fatty acids & emollients. All these nutrients combine to soothe cracked skin, moisturize it from within and revive the skin’s natural elasticity, making it softer and supple. Prevents Premature Aging: Another major skin problem most commonly seen is pre-mature aging. Neem leaves have a special detoxifying properties which cleanse the skin from within, help in proper regulation of blood, thus preventing pre-mature aging in the best possible natural way. Wrinkles and fine lines fade away in no time."


Take Soap And Lather In The Hands. Apply The Lather To The Entire Body, Gently Massage And Enjoy The Pure Delight Of Our Herbal


Ingredients : Dry Neem Leaves (Azadirachta Indica), Neem Essential Oil ( Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract), Tulsi Oil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe Barbadensis), Honey (Mel Extract), Rose Water (Rosa Centifolia), Coconut Oil Derivative (Cocos Nucifera), Vegetable Oils, DM Water (Aqua)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amaarah Shahzad
Soap is excellent and pur

Soap is excellent and pure. My skin has completely cleared out

I really liked the soap

I really liked the soap

I found this soap good for all seasons because Im using it since last year and very happy with the results that I dont want to try any new one.

Love this soap The firs

Love this soap

The first day after using this soap, it made my skin itch. But by the second after washing then using virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer, I can see a big difference. My skin looks tighter taking lines around my eyes away. So quickly I?ve gotten back five years. I wonder what the results will be in a month. By the way, I?m proud to say I?m 44.

Nice soap and happy to us

Nice soap and happy to used it.

This is my go-to washer for sticky afternoons, groggy mornings and balmy evenings. Pretty sure, you got that I love this soap. Please, do not stop selling it.

Awesome Soap I love thi

Awesome Soap

I love this soap I can use on my entire body including my face. Leaves my skin feeling silky smooth with noticeable moisture locked in.



Vaadi Organics is involved in very strategic procurement of a huge selection of organic ingredients for its entire range of personal care, spa, massage and aromatherapy applications. Organic ingredients are carefully selected for their quality and properties in skin, hair and complete beauty treatments. The range of ingredients sourced include therapeutic essential oils, berry seed oils, and some oils from the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. Read More