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Nail Shiner

Nail Shiner

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Gently smooth your nail surface in any direction without damaging the nail. Nail block is a good tool for acrylic nails, fake nail tips, natural nails; use before using nail polish or nail care.Effective grinding and buffing, meanwhile won’t hurt the skin.



The purpose of a nail shiner is to add shine to fingernails and toenails by using a gritty surface and it works quickly and requires less effort than manual buffing and rubbing. Now, gently buff away minor ridges, spots, and discoloration. Get a professional result every time. In order to make fingernails and toenails shine, nail shiner use a gritty surface. nail shiner is aimed at enhancing the outer surface of the nail & helps shines nails, resulting in a smoother and neat, supplier and more charming and natural youthful appearance.


Make sure your nails are clean and dry. hold the buffing side parallel to your nail and stroke it across each nail in an x shape.


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