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Nail Files

Nail Files

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Nail files gently grind down and shape the edges of your nails. They are used in pedicure manicure after nail has been trimmed using appropriate nail clipper. Grit is avaialble on both the side and can be used for gel and acrylic work.


Nail filers are available in 100/100, 100/180, 180/180 and 120/240. It has fine grit cushion to gently shape nails without damaging or breaking them. It is helpful for nail enhancements or to shape tough natural nails. This flexible nail filer comes in different colors with shimmer shine, one side will coarsely shape your nails while other side helps to smooth your sharp nail.


Keep your nails dry while using nail files. The right way to use nail file is one fluid motion from side to center. Don't saw your nails back and forth.


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