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Deep Moisturising Organic Chocolate Cleansing Cream with Strawberry Extract - Softens Skin - Makes Skin Radiant (50 gms / 2 oz)

Deep Moisturising Organic Chocolate Cleansing Cream with Strawberry Extract - Softens Skin - Makes Skin Radiant (50 gms / 2 oz)

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Finally a chocolate treat for your skin too! This cleanser rids your facial skin of dust and other impurities. Enriched with Vitamin-C rich strawberry extract, it unclogs the pores and even reduce blemishes and skin tone; while keeping the fatty content of chocolate ensures hydration


What causes the dullness of skin and how can cleansing help ?

Regular exposure to the harmful UV rays, pollution and impurities makes the skin loose it's sheen. Over the time, the skin looks dull, unhealthy and ordinary. Being a sensitive organ, the skin is prone to break-outs, tanning, discoloration and blemishes. Regular cleansing with natural products not only ensures a supple glow but also makes sure that the skin texture is cleaner and clearer. The cleansing cream with the goodness of Chocolate and Strawberry is a treat for the skin. With the pacifying effect of chocolate and deep pore cleansing by strawberry, this cleansing cream is a must-have for your everyday skin care kit.

How are Strawberry extracts effective cleansing agents ?

Salicylic acid- rich Strawberries aid skin beautification by clearing off the dead skin that gets accumulated on the surface which gives the skin a dull and dark look. Strawberry Extracts polish the skin clean of blemishes, patches and pigmentation by exfoliating undesired impurities and regulating the flow of blood in the skin. Being perfect antioxidants, Strawberries are known to be the perfect solution for premature aging. A visible reduction will be observed in fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. Vitamin C and Zinc make Strawberry Extracts great skin-brightening agents yielding a dazzling and scar-free skin.

How does Shea Butter aid in a beautiful skin ?

The Shea tree, also called Vitellaria paradoxa, which is found in Africa yields the Shea butter. It is extracted from the nuts of this tree. This ivory-yellow butter is an excellent moisturizer and cures dry patches, chapped skin and lips, cracked knees, elbows on the first few applications itself. Shea butter on the skin forms a film of protection, safeguarding the skin from environmental hazards- sun, pollution, infections and dirt. It does not clog the pores, rather help the skin breathe and absorb the best of all ingredients.

What is Cocoa Butter and how does it bring about a transformation in skin texture ?

Cocoa Butter is another powerful natural moisturizer which bears a heavenly chocolate aroma that helps calms the nerves while the butter seeps in the skin's layers to cure allergies, irritations as well as dry patches by providing a moisture cover making the skin velvety soft. This further fades off wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and scars. The skin elasticity is improved and a beautiful glow is visible. Preventing the skin from flaking and rejuvenates from within gifting a texture everyone would be envy of. Stretch marks and scars too fade away.

How are Mulberry Extracts beneficial for the skin ?

Not many are aware of Mulberry's tyrosinase inhibiting properties. Mulberry Extracts gently work on the skin's surface and deep within to yield a several tones brighter and beautiful skin in no time. Hailed by dermatologists for their anti-irritant skin-soothing qualities, Mulberry Extracts possess free radicals which further bring about a flawless glow on the skin. The skin breathes fresh as the pores are thoroughly cleansed and oxygenated. Slowing the production of melanin, Mulberry Extracts, when combined with Strawberry Extracts, together yield a blemish-free, glowing with health and visibly gorgeous skin.


Take An Appropriate Amount Of The Cream On Your Finger Tips And Apply All Over The Face And Neck. Massage With Firm Circular, Upward And Outward Movement Till It Is Completely Absorbed In The Skin.


Ingredients : Steam Distilled Strawberry Extract (Fragaria Vesca), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter), Pure Mulberry Extract (Morus Alba Extract), Coconut Oil Derivative (Cocos Nucifera Oil), Strawberry Essential Oil (Fragaria Vesca Fruit Oil), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii Butter), DM Water (Aqua)

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Fast efficient service

Fast efficient service

I live by Vaadi for my sk

I live by Vaadi for my skin care routine and I am so pleased with the quality of all the products I have purchased.

Excellent service always.

Excellent service always. Products are amazing.

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Oder placed Monday, received now, best fast service



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